We are a progressive club committed to the breeding, showing, and promoting of all breeds of fancy goldfish. Our goal is to develop and cultivate all aspects of goldfish culture on both a national and local level. Over the past decade the AGA has sponsored shows with Koi clubs to develop goldfish interest on a grass roots level. We now have are started stand alone goldfish shows and auctions that are breeder based. Specialty clubs such as the American Ranchu Society and North American Veiltail Association have sprung up to promote their favorite breed. Goldfish breeders have also started study groups that allow new goldfish fanciers hands on experience grooming young goldfish. As you can see, the AGA is growing by leaps and bounds and we can’t wait for you to become a part of it all. The latest AGA Newsletter has been added in the Member’s Area.  The file can be accessed via the tab labelled Member’s Area at the top of the page, or by clicking on the following link.  A password is required to access the Newsletter.  Member’s Area For a listing of the winners of the 2015 4th annual Breeder’s Show Classic, click ont he following link:  2015 Show Winners For pictures of the 2015 Midwest Breeder’s Show, click on the following link: 2015 Breeder’s Show For a video of the 2015 Breeder’s Classic Grand Champion, click here:  Grand Champion For upcoming show information for 2015, please click on the following link:  Upcoming Shows.  The Fall 2014 issue is available in the Member’s Area, as is the 2015 AGA Calendar, click on the link to visit the Member’s Area:  Member’s. The Revised AGA standards are now available in Book form.  These standards contain full color photos and line drawings, and can be accessed by clicking the following link:  Purchase AGA Standards
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